Get Started

After you have read the information about direct investing on this site, you may be wondering what to do next. Here are the steps to get started investing directly.

  • 1. Go to : Click in "Link 1" Order DRIP Enrollment Online. (You may also print the order form Link 2 DRIP Enrollment Order Form, to print the form and mail it to us.
  • 2. Print that form and fill in the names and the symbols of the companies you want. You must order the minimum number to qualify for enrollment in the plan (usually one share). The minimum number of shares to qualify for enrollment in the plan is shown under "Search for DRIP" at this site. Enter symbol then view "Shares to qualify."
  • You must indicate the form of registration that you prefer (i.e.: individual, joint ownership, custodian in the name of a minor, etc.). Information about proper registration is provided on the back of the order form.
  • 3. Here is an example of how to fill out the form:

  • 4.The last step is to send your order along with a check or money order to the Temper Enrollment Service, PO BOX 461 Rye NY 10580. Your service fee depends on your subscription status.*
  • You will be notified when your account is open (it can take up to six weeks, depending on when you send your order and the speed of the transfer agent). When your account is open, you will get a statement, with a form at the bottom to return with your first investment (which you can use whenever you wish to make an investment into your account to buy more shares).
  • *If you are a Moneypaper subscriber your fee for each enrollment is $30 but if you are not a subscriber your fee will be $60.

    For more questions you can call us at : 914-925-0022.


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Enrolling in DRIPs: The Temper Enrollment Services is provided by Temper of the Times Investor Services, Inc., ("Temper") a registered broker dealer, member FINRA, SIPC. Temper does not make investment recommendations, nor does it make a market in any securities. The Moneypaper Publications LLC. is the publisher of The Guide to Direct Investment Plans. The Moneypaper Publications LLC and Temper are affiliated companies.

Business Continuity Plan: Orders accepted by Temper of the Times Investor Services Inc. are backed up at two locations off site nightly. If something were to happen to Temper’s principal location. We would be able to access all our customer information at a new location. Once your DRIP account is open at the transfer agent for the company you ordered, you are no longer an active customer of the Temper Enrollment Services, although we do keep a record of the orders we fulfill for you. In case of an emergency and the office telephone number is inoperative call the following number: 914-698-2725. For a detailed copy of the Business Continuity Plan, Click Here.

Inquiries: call 800-388-9993 / 914-925-0022, or email:

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